Easily extract data and text from

medical, invoice, legal, financial, and KYC documents

With Amazon Textract as the core, we’ve developed ML-driven document solutions that extract text and data from scanned documents. They dispel the need for any custom code or manual entry by automating low-value business processes and in the end, you save time, money and reduce errors!

Process millions of documents in hours

Process millions of documents in hours

Since Amazon Textract uses machine learning, document processing is done efficiently and quickly. Manual configuration needs to be updated in traditional OCR software every time the document type changes. This extraneous time wastage is eliminated with Lumiq’s Document Digitization solutions.

Extract both structured and unstructured data

Extract structured & unstructured data

Text, forms, tables — the Document Digitization’s eyes miss nothing. No custom code, configuration, or training required from your side. It accurately separate key sections on the page, detect the key elements contained in them, and procure them with the context intact.

Ensure security

Ensure security

Amazon Textract can be safely used for documents that are subject to GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, ISO compliance, and SOC compliance. The engine identifies form labels and data types which enables it to extract information in a way that is aligned with security guidelines.

Enhance quality with automation

Enhance quality with automation

The manual document perusal process can be full of errors, slow, and expensive. Automating it solves all these problems and ensure a higher quality deliverable no matter the document type. You can also add a human review at the end to wrap up the process nicely.

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Document digitization solutions that bring Amazon Textract’s power to life

Aadhaar Masking

Aadhaar Masking

Government regulations mandate that the Aadhaar number (provided by a customer as an identity proof at the time of buying an insurance policy) needs to be masked by the insurance company before being stored in their internal systems. This Aadhaar number is provided in multiple ways. It can be submitted in a copy of the Aadhaar card; captured in the policy document or any other supporting document; and sometimes the number could also be handwritten in these documents.

Underwriting automation

Underwriting automation

One of the key steps in automating the underwriting process is to automate quality checks & autofill the underwriter worksheet. This is done by extracting key fields from the supporting documents submitted by the customer at the time of applying for an insurance policy. The supporting documents (financial documents & medical reports) could sometimes include handwritten documents like physical proposal forms, handwritten medical examination reports, cheques, etc.

Drishti, Lumiq's Document AI solution uses Amazon Textract as its core to extract data from millions of documents belonging to dozen of classes with Human-in-the-Loop (A2i) review. With a response time of < 5 seconds and the option to handle multiple documents at once, our Document Digitization caters to...

Automated Data Entry
Autom-QC & Data Validation
Personal Information Redaction
Fraud Detection

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Introduction of paperless workflow

97% reduction in human labour for PII redaction

Projected 70% reduction in human labour for data entry

Enhancement of CX by reducing the to-and-fro for accurate details and documents

Reduction in cost, scaled productivity, and freed up resources

Reap benefits From Our Industry-Agnostic Solutions

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