Why Work At Lumiq?

We strongly understand the impact of work on your mental well-being and the need to be surrounded by an optimistic, energetic bunch.

We can also foresee the smile that you'll wear on your face when you look back on your career growth trajectory, during the years you were associated with us.

Now, snap back to reality. Let's make that prediction come true.

Why Work At Lumiq

Being Lumiq

We’re driven by our vision, which we fancy referring to as “our purpose” - to enhance the quality of human life, by means of responsibly leveraging data to create a better world.

Our mission is to progress towards excellence wherein we are constantly committed to delivering that WOW factor for our customers, partners, and employees. We realize the sweet spot where business, technology, and human values coexist in harmony.

The foundation of our culture is a mixture of our core pillars.

We say what we mean, we do what we say. Our values are enrooted in our day-to-day functioning.


The integrity helps us deliver 110% to everything we commit - to our customers, employees, and our community. We won’t stop until we see the outcomes at the end of all the systematic execution.


Our commitment reinforces the trust which is bestowed on us by everyone who is closely associated with us. This validation which we’ve earned over the years is what makes us stand out from the rest.


We don’t go overboard with sustained trust and confidence. We strongly believe that there’s always room for learning and are obligated to improve our knowledge and skills.