Al enabled intelligent document processing solution for end-to-end business process automation.

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Drishti has out-of-the box support for multiple document types like government ID cards and other applications. It's cloud-based approach ensures deployment in as less as 10 days.

Traditional Challenges

  • Poor customer experience
  • Manual, labour intensive
  • Very limited scalability
  • Non-adaptive new document classes
  • No natural language modelling


  • Elevate customer experience by up to 10 NPS points
  • Reduced turnaround time by up to 30%
  • Elastic and infinitely scalable
  • Understands new document classes in one day
  • Understands contextual information

Key Features

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API Integration

Seamless API integrations with existing systems

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High Scalability

Deploy on the cloud or on premise

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Self Learning

Al driven continuous reinforcement learning updates its prediction model through self learning

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Al Guided Data Entry

Al guided exception handling with user alerts enabling quicker corrections

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Pre trained on government ID cards application forms, financial and medical documents

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Cross Document Validation

Multi purpose document analysis validating information and detecting any mismatch

Drishti at Work

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lumiq careers


Extracts all leading document types across formats and layouts & with ICR capability

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Classifles documents and organizes data for better reporting and analytics

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Actionable Insights

Translates extracted data, monetizes insights and driving process automation

In Focus - Use Cases

Financial Services

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Medical and financial underwriting

Cognitive Extraction

Customer onboarding and handling

Speech Analytics

Automating KYC and video KYC

Credit Underwriting

Income assessment, Sign and face verification

Fraud and Photoshop detection

Health, life and motor insurance claims

PII identification and masking

Video Analytics

Order processing

Recommendation Engine

Invoice Processing

Deciphering the context of images


Text Analytics

Al-driven reconciliations

Regulatory Compliances

Records Management

Trade Finance Automation

Our Capability

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