Simplify ML Model Governance

Better Observability, Risk Monitoring, and Explainability.

lumiq lighthouse

Eliminate AI Bias and Mitigate Model Risk

Detect and correct drifts by comparing the models' performance with the initial training data to create an efficient MRM function

lumiq lighthouse

Monitor Model Performance 24X7

Monitor ML model activity, inference trends, data behavior, and actual model performance getting real-time updates and alerts

lumiq lighthouse

Simplify FSI Model Explainability

Interpret your models performance easing the root cause analysis helping you handle exceptions better

Lighthouse focuses on
continuous model monitoring,
so you can

  • Reduce instances of missed incidents because of data drifts
  • Gain valuable insights into how your models are making decisions irrespective of where they are deployed
  • Perform root cause analysis to understand the issue behind problems with your ML models
lumiq lighthouse

Why Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a Model Governance Platform, purpose built for FSIs,
to minimize risk and simplify model operationalization.

lumiq lighthouse
API Driven Integration

Fast & Seamless data-sync across different organisational layers

lumiq lighthouse
Automated Monitoring

Auto-detect relevant anomalies and detect deviations in real-time

lumiq lighthouse
Post Launch Validation

Precise and immediate error detection post-deployment

lumiq lighthouse
Easy Troubleshooting

Diagnose data quality issues early and recalibrate models

lumiq lighthouse
Improved Compliances

Ensure you meet all regulatory requirements

Complete Model Risk Management

Access to trusted, quality models is essential for effectively using enterprise data. With an increase in model volume, governing them is proving to be a challenge for FSI player. We employ robust MRM framework which can be adopted to meet enterprise model risk management policies ensuring regulatory compliance, cost reduction and loss avoidance.

24X7 Monitoring

Experience complete real-time visibility of all your models and troubleshoot high model volumes. This helps Data scientists avoid false alarms and dead ends, addressing critical problems quickly and effectively. Your machine learning models stay optimized, so that your business is optimized.

Model Performance Analysis

Find and solve data drift issues quickly to ensure your model’s performance does not deteriorate over time. We go beyond model monitoring with Lighthouse to take a microscopic view into a model performance and data quality issues comparing it’s performance with the initial training data

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